3 Good Reasons to Eat Some Beans

by Danielle on October 16, 2013

Beans are a simple, inexpensive whole food that most Americans leave out of their diet. Here are 3 excellent reasons to make an effort to feast regularly on these little nutritious gems!

1) Beans are high in fiber. Fiber is essential to your health – it supports proper bowel elimination, reducing toxicity and inflammation.

2) Beans help you lose weight and keep it off. All that good fiber promotes weight loss as it creates a greater feeling of fullness from meals and maintains steady blood sugar levels. Avoiding the blood sugar highs and lows reduces food cravings.

3) Beans strengthen your kidney-adrenal function, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Healthy kidneys contribute to balanced sexual and reproductive function, as well as certain psycho-emotional facets of behavior. In TCM, balanced kidneys are essential to personal growth and development, including the ability to manage your fears.

What do you think? I’m convinced I want to eat more beans!

These three simple tips demonstrate how eating beans will avoid disease (often caused by inflammation), obesity (and its links to heart disease) and support your goals to move forward in your life (even in the face of fear).

Please share your favorite bean recipes in the comments below!



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